Origin of the Blue Penguin

Origin of the Blue Penguin

released July 3, 2020

A few years ago we hatched a scheme to partner with bands that we really liked, intending to put an OOA umbrella over existing songs. What does that mean? Well, the idea was to add our special brand of orchestration and musicianship to material coming from a smaller ensemble.

What we are presenting here is the result of this idea.

Songs by Marcus Padgett
Arrangements by Origin of Animal
Produced by David Keller
Engineered by Rick Barnes at Rax Trax Recording
Album art by Steve Keller
A special thanks to Zip Tang – without whom these songs would not exist.


Trevor Watkin—————-flute/piccolo/oboe
Colleen Corning Griggs—clarinets
Richard Zili——————–clarinet
Amos Gillespie—————alto sax
Kyle Madsen——————tenor sax
Andy Schlinder—————tenor sax
Marcus Padgett————–bari sax
Justin Amolsch—————french horn/trumpet
Maddi Srajer——————trombone
Larry Beers——————-mallets/percussion
Hershyl Edwards————drums/mallets/percussion
Matt Gunsaulus————–keyboard
Rich Poston——————-guitar
Jesse Cryderman————guitar
Traci Newhouse————–viola
Desiree Miller—————–cello
David Keller——————-cello/mallets
Patrick Dinnen—————-bass
Doug Johnson—————-bass