Origin of Animal

Origin of Animal combines elements of classical, rock, jazz and metal to create music that is carefully crafted yet still spontaneous.

Formerly a revolving-door group of musicians, we would book a gig and then fly by the seat of our pants. Since 2010 we have performed with anywhere from five to twenty members, written and recorded original compositions with as many as thirty musicians, and collectively, since forming in 2007, have worked with a total of about 80 people.

The current ensemble fluctuates from as little as eight players to as many as 25 and uses various combinations of brass, woodwinds, strings, percussion, guitars, bass and keyboards. Origin of Animal is also a very versatile interpreter of existing music. We have performed film scores, standard classical works, symphonic music, and have also presented music by Nine Inch Nails, Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, King Crimson, Gil Evans and Jimi Hendrix.